Tips on Maintaining Dogs Hair

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Dogs are born with a shiny, clean, and bright coat. It is good to maintain natural shine and shape. All dogs need regular grooming, although their needs will vary. Dog owners should closely monitor the coat condition and take action in case they notice any change. The following tips will help maintain your dog’s hair:

Use Oils

dog bathingJust like human hair, dogs’ hair also needs to be moisturized. Oils can prevent irritation giving a shiny and fresh look.

The oil gives a soothing effect to the irritated parts of the skin. Coconut oil also prevents drying on the skin and can be used as a treatment for rashes. It is highly recommended to use oils for pets only. Your veterinarian can suggest some. Oils that contain coconut, olive, and Vitamin E are usually good.

Brush the Hair Regularly

Brushing your dog’s hair might seem like the obvious thing to do, but very beneficial. Regular brushing helps in the proper distribution of natural oil all over the skin. It removes tangles giving your dog a cute look. Brushing the hair is therapeutic for the dog.

It soothes and relaxes the dog. Long-haired dogs can be brushed once or twice a week, while dogs with short hair do not require much attention. After a shave, make sure you brush the coat to remove any remaining hair that was cut. Use a soft brush or a soft cloth for dogs with short hair. Long-haired dogs require a wire slicker for effective brushing.

Visit a Professional Groomer

A professional vet groomer is trained to know the needs of your dog. They do more than cleaning the dog’s hair. They check the ears and trim the nails. A groomer will tell you if your dog’s hair is healthy or not. A healthy dog has smooth and shiny hair, while an unhealthy dog has dry and loose hair.

You will be provided with the right tools for grooming your dog. You will be advised on the best dog diet to maintain healthy hair. A groomer will identify if your dog is prone to shedding and advice on the remedies to prevent that.

dog hair grooming


Bathing Technique and Products

Bacteria can cause a smell on the dog’s hair. The smell is usually unpleasant, and bathing will get rid of the bacteria and smell. Use the proper dog shampoo for the bath. Baby shampoo is recommended because it is not harsh on the skin and is safe on the eyes.

Your veterinarian will recommend good shampoo or cleaning products. Over-bathing your dog, can cause irritation and dry skin. Unless your dog is filthy, bathing once a month is good.…

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