Everything You Need to Know About CBD

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Are you looking for alternative herbal medicine? Then you probably have heard a lot about CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD Oil benefits many people with various health conditions, and so they say. But is this claim true? 

We’re going to explore the essential knowledge that you should know before you start following the hype of using CBD. 

CBD and Marijuana, Are They Different?

First, if you are reluctant to use CBD because you don’t want to use psychoactive drugs in your life, then you should know that although CBD is derived from marijuana plants, this chemical compound has been stripped of its psychoactive property. CBD is purely therapeutic, and according to WHO, it is also not addictive. 

When you think about CBD, think of it as fish oil. It’s just as safe as that!

Is CBD Beneficial to Your Health?

taking cbd oilCBD has been claimed to treat many ailments, from mild headaches to severe vertigo, and from chronic pain to cancers. The problem with those claims is that they are still mainly anecdotal. If we’d refer to the existing scientific studies, only the claim of CBD being effective in treating seizure syndromes in kids has strong backup. 

Another claim that has adequate scientific backup is that CBD can improve insomnia and sleep quality. However, as paradoxical as it may sound, CBD also helps the user to stay awake. 

Third, CBD is known by scientists to be effective in inhibiting pain receptors. In other words, this chemical compound can treat chronic pain very well. 

The Legal Status

cbd oil in bottlesSince CBD is not psychoactive, you can obtain CBD products anywhere. If it is not available in your country, you can try to order it online. However, this article does not provide legal advice. If you are unsure of the law, please see a legal consultant first. 

Furthermore, another consideration regarding the legality is that although CBD is supposed to be legal worldwide, marijuana is not. Therefore, the industry lacks monitoring authorities to control the quality of CBD products that are in distribution. If you’re not careful, you may end up buying a fake product that contains no CBD at all. 

Further Precautions

Now that you know the risks as well as the benefits, the decision to whether or not CBD is a medical aid you are looking for depends on you. But if you want to buy CBD to treat a serious medical condition, you’d better not take any chances. Consult a real physician!

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