Tips for Successful Surf Fishing

shore fishing

Surf fishing is also known as rock or shore fishing, going by where you are casting from. It is a tremendous pass-time activity, and you could spend the whole day full of excitement with your family doing it. Although you can do it any time you wish, sunrise and sunset are two of the best times. You will no doubt find the sky colors breath-taking at these times.

One thing is that you must not be an expert angler to succeed in this kind of fishing, but you need to have excellent fishing equipment. The comprehensive review will help you be well informed so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Here are some tips for successful surf fishing even if you’re not an expert angler:

Choose the Best Time

ocean in the dawnThe time that you go surf fishing can influence the success of your expedition. The ideal time to do this fishing is around dawn or dusk when the sun has not yet driven the fish deep into the water body. Fish are known to feed well during low-light hours. The choice of surf fishing time does not have much to do with the climate, but its more about tides.

It has been proven that high tides are the most appropriate time for the kind of fishing since tides bring fish closer to the shoreline. It would help if you cast right before and after high tide. During those times, water is driving fish closer to you and is not stagnant such that there is no fish movement. The peak fishing times would be around two hours before and after high tide, so aim for that. To be sure of your timing, check online for your area’s tide information.

Have the Right Equipment

fishing gearYour choice of equipment can affect your success in this fishing. You can choose between a spinning rod and reel, or a surf casting rod and reel. Spinning machinery is easier to use, thus best for beginners. The more experienced anglers can go for bait casting rods and reels.

Other factors to weigh on when choosing the equipment are the material, length, and action. With length, shorter rods allow better retrieval action and are more precise. Graphite rods, when it comes to material choice, are typically most surf fishers pick.

Pick the Best Bait

fishing lureFor greater success, it is better to use the best possible bait, and this depends on the environment and the fish you are out to catch. Fortunately, you can learn to find and hook the best fishing bait by the shoreline since they are there in plenty.

Moreover, you can avoid many hassles by buying from the local tackle shop as you also seek the local fishermen advice on the best bait to use. Among the best lures for surf fishing are crabs, shrimp, and sand fleas.…

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