Advantages of Using Thermacell Repellent

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Thermacell repellent is one of the electronic repellents that help get rid of annoying mosquitoes. It is so far the best choice preferred by many users, most customers are satisfied with their purchases. The active ingredient contained in a thermacell repellent is allethrin.

The repellent is odorless making it perfect for people who are allergic. It is safe to use although it should be kept away from pets and newborns. The repellent mats are supposed to work up to 4 hours and the butane cartridge for about 12 hours.

It Is A Small and Portable Device

thermacellThermacell mosquito repellent is available in a small and portable device that is easy to use and carry around. The device is handheld and lightweight for outdoor use. It is entirely made of hard plastic apart from the metal plate used to heat the repellent mat which makes the insecticide volatile.

The hostler is a separate accessory that is used to carry extra repellent mats and butane cartridges however it doesn’t make the device heavy. It compact enough to only keep the refills needed. The repellent is held carefully in an enclosed sturdy case with sloppy sides making it comfortable to hold in your hands. The downside of this is that you have to buy several portable units for everyone when going camping.

Safe to Use

Scientists recommend the use of this mosquito repellent because it is odorless and hence can be used by allergic people. Exposure to allethrin found in the repellent has minor effects on humans, however, it can be fatal to some pets like cats. There is no concern of allethrin residue left behind when you’re done using the repellent. This means you don’t have to worry about harmful effects after use.

If you want to be extra careful you can limit the use of thermacell repellent. Use it when it’s extremely necessary, like when it rains or the presence of stagnant water in your area. To add to safety, the repellent has been tested vigorously for humans and is safer than other mosquito sprays, creams, or lotion.


The user can use the device several times doing the necessary refills. A value pack of four butane cylinders and 12 repellent mats available in stores can last up to 48 hours of coverage. It is cheaper if you are not using the device constantly, only during mosquito season.

One butane cartridge is capable of lasting for 12 hours. A single refill consisting of three repellent mats and one butane cartridge costs about $6.99, four refills will cost $20.99 and 10 refills $54.99. The cost is less compared to what you could spend treating diseases caused by mosquitoes.

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No-Risk of Open Flame

There is no need to worry about getting in contact with open flame, skin, or clothing. The working mechanism is all inside the device. You just need to turn it on and as long it’s refilled it will work perfectly.…

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