Ways to Administer CBD Oil to a Dog

dog taking cbd with a dropper

Having a sick dog can be very stressful. It prompts you to search for the right treatment options to restore your dog’s proper health.  Keep reading this article to learn four practical ways of administering CBD oil to your dog.

Add the CBD Oil to a Treat

This is an effective way of administering CBD oil to your dog. Just make sure that the treat you are giving is porous enough to absorb the appropriate CBD amount. Some food may not be able to contain the oil since it will slide off. Do not use such treats since the treatment won’t be effective. This method applies to small dogs that require little CBD oil administration. You can imagine how messy it will be trying to administer a lot of oil on a treat.

Through Oral Administration

give cbd by oral applicationThis involves the application of an appropriate dosage of CBD to your dog directly through the mouth. CBD oil is administered through the number of dosages that your dog consumes. Usually, this is dependent on the age and the current health situation of your dog.

You might be wondering how this can be done. Well, a dropper is a handy tool for CBD’s oral administration. Just make sure that it is placed to the back of the mouth as much as possible to ensure it takes in all the drops. For even better results, you can feed them with meat after the administration.

Mix CBD With Their Food

add cbd to foodThis is yet another efficient way which produces even better results if you are going to use wet food.It would help if you began with a small CBD dosage not to ruin the dog’s meal. Remember, those creatures have a strong sense of smell and can detect even the slightest mess in their food. So add a small dose and keep on increasing it. Allow the food to soak for some minutes and then feed them as you usually do

Mix CBD Oil With Something Tasty

Sometimes it can be quite tricky to add the appropriate amount of CBD oil on top of a treat. You need to be creative enough to look for something tasty and then apply the oil to it. You can use delicious food like peanut, soak it in CBD oil and give it to your dog.

CBD oil is increasingly becoming a great pet’s treatment choice. Since they are natural ingredients, they are a healthy choice with little or no side effects on your dog.…

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